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Stock Symbol

GLD SPDR Gold Trust ETF (NYSE)      
GDX Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF (NYSE ARCA)      

For 6/1/10 - Here are the Highest Scoring Stocks with the Highest Dividend Yield ...

MNDO, Div. Yield = 8.8%, Score = 89%, 2010 Return=145%
CLCT Div. Yield = 6.6%, Score = 60%. 2010 Return=47%
GLAD, Div. Yield = 7.5%, Score = 47%, 2010 Return=47%
TICC, Div. Yield = 7.3%, Score = 55%, 2010 Return=36%
COP, Div. Yield = 10.6%, Score = 54%, 2010 Return=24%
BKCC, Div. Yield = 12.2%, Score = 70%, 2010 Return=23%
TCAP, Div. Yield - 11.7%, Score = 40%, 2010 Return=16%
BGS, Div. Yield = 6.4%, Score = 51%,2010 Return=15%

Microcap channeling stocks. A better way to make money. Not suitable for long term investors.

L: Stock Symbol

Comments K: Stock Symbol Comments
SWCC Southwest Casino Corp  $0.4 - $0.8. Sell at $0.84 AMWW Aims Worldwide Inc  
GMEX Goldmountain Exploration Corp   AIVN American Intl Ventures Inc  
AANI Amedia Networks Inc   SSHO South Shore Res Inc  
GAMN Great Amern Food Chain Inc   IPUR Innova Pure Wtr Inc  
OCTL Octillion Corp Developing transparent glass NanoPower window generating electricity TVEN Terrace Ventures Inc  
BKSD Brookside Tech Hldgs Corp   IAO Ia Global Inc (AMEX)  
NBS Neostem Inc (AMEX)   BZH Beazer Homes USA, Inc (NYSE)   Watch this
CNWI Cardiac Network Inc   ISO Isco Intl Inc (AMEX)  
ITLI Intelligentias Inc   SOEN Solar Enertech Corp  Watching this to $0.75
NXPW Nextphase Wireless Inc   SLRE Solar Energy Ltd  
INFX Infinex Ventures Inc   SLND Solar Night Inds Inc  
CNWI Cardiac Network Inc   SLTN Solar Thin Films Inc  
JAVA Sun Microsystems Inc (NASDAQ GS) FBOP Fiber Optic Sys Tech Inc  
GBRC Global Res Corp  $1.0 - $4.5 AVXT Avax Technologies Inc  $0.1 - $0.4
MNTG MTR Gaming Group Inc (NASDAQ GS) $5.5 - $14 ACTC Advanced Cell Technology Inc   $0.1 - $0.25
MOVE Move Inc Com (NASDAQ) $2 - $6 APDN Applied Dna Sciences Inc   $0.1 - $0.15
MSI Movie Star, Inc (AMEX) moved to other symbol?    
CMGI CMGI Inc (NASDAQ GM) $1.2 - $2.4    
OCTL Octillion Corp  $1.5 - $4    
SGIHF Sungold Intl Hldgs Corp  $0.06 - $0.12 SWCC peer    
OVTI Omnivision Technologies Inc (NSDQ) Design, marketing CMOS    
ZRAN Zoran Corporation (NSDQ) $12 - $25    
GNPI Genius Products Inc  Buy at $0.65    
AMD Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (NYSE) $8 - $35    
ADST Adstar Inc (NASDAQ) $0.8 - $2.5    
EFSF Efoodsafety Com Inc $0.2 - $0.4    
IENI International Energy Inc $0.7 - $2.0    
ZRAN Zoran Corporation (NASDAQ GS) $10 - $22    
AGIGF Alamos Gold Inc $5.7 - $8.3    
PDO Pyramid Oil Co (AMEX) $2 -            Mark Crisp    
NHPR National Health Partners Inc need more time 5/10/08    
TSHO Tradeshow Marketing Co Ltd $0.2 - $0.5    
MLER Moller Intl Inc $0.3 - $1.0    
SOBM Sinobiomed Inc $0.3 - $1.0    
DNDN Dendreon Corp (NASDAQ GM) $5 - $20    
Clearwire Corp New (NASDAQ GS)
$7.75 10/19/09    
AMD Advanced Micro Devices Inc (NYSE) $5.87 10/19/09    
CAAS China Automotive Systems (NASDAQ CM) $5 - $12    
APT Alpha Pro Tech Ltd (AMEX) $1 - $3    
CSIQ Canadian Solar Inc (NASDAQ GM) $10 - $40    
LIFE Life Technologies Corp (NASDAQ GS) $25 - $45    
LJPC La Jolla Pharmaceutical Co (NASDAQ CM-D) $0.08 - $0.20    
CIIC China Infrastructure Investment Corp (NASDAQ CM) $1 - $3    
ATHX Athersys Inc (NASDAQ CM) $1 - $5    
ZVTK Zevotek Inc $0.003 - $0.01    
CRIS Curis Inc (NASDAQ GM) $1 - $5    
VSPC Viaspace Inc $0.01 - $0.05    
ITRO Itronics Inc $0.001 - $0.005    
LFBG Left Behind Games Inc $0.002 - $0.04    
SYNM Syntroleum Corp (NASDAQ CM) $0.5 - $10    
GELYF Geely Automotive Hldgs Ltd $0.8 - $?    
MBRK MiddleBrook Pharma Inc (NASDAQ GM-D) $1 - $5 It's $.5 now    
ALTI Altair Nanotechnologies Inc (NASDAQ CM-D) $0.8 - $5 Car Litium Battery    
TSHO Tradeshow Marketing Co Ltd $0.1 - $0.8    
CEF Central Fund of Canada Limited (AMEX) $13.69 Зависит от цены на золото.    
PCYG Park City Group Inc $1 - $4.5    
WTWO W2 Energy Inc $0.01 - $0.04    
ECTE Echo Therapeutics Inc $0.4 - $2    
MTCH Matech Corp $0.3 - $?    
ATNP Atlantis Technology Group $0.002 - $? Jan7 news GO TV    
NEPH Nephros Inc $0.2 - $2    
ABK AMBAC Financial Group Inc (NYSE) $0.8 - $1.8    
VGZ Vista Gold Corp. (AMEX) $1 - $3    

Other stocks

TTGL Titan Global Hldgs Inc      
ASTI Ascent Solar Technologies In (NASDAQ CM) Solar    
TSL Trina Solar Limited (NYSE) Solar    
FSLR First Solar Inc (NASDAQ GM) Solar    
ESLR Evergreen Solar Inc (NASDAQ GM) Solar    
UTUC Utah Uranium Corp Uranium $0.50 - $1.50    
CCJ Cameco Corporation (NYSE) Uranium producer    
URHN Uranium Hunter Corp Uranium exploration    
URME Uron Inc Uranium Energy    
AXU Alexco Resource Corp (AMEX) $3 - $6. Found here:    
TRLG True Religion Apparel Inc (NASDAQ GM) $16 - $22    
IDGI Inca Designs Inc    
FCCN Franchise Cap Corp      
MA Mastercard Inc (NYSE) Credit Card    
AXP American Express Company (NYSE) Credit Card    
PSEG Petrosouth Energy Corp Oil    
HRAL Hear Atlast Hldgs Inc Hearing Aid store inside Walmart, CA. Received flyer.    
FRG Fronteer Dev Group Inc (AMEX) Uranium producer, from Kevin Kerr    
GGBM Gigabeam Corp (NASDAQ) need more time to watch    
TIVO Tivo Inc (NASDAQ GM) TiVO service    
CQB Chiquita Brands Intl Inc (NYSE) Got bananas? Eat & invest    
BSHF Bioshaft Wtr Technology Inc Watch this stock    
OXY Occidental Petroleum Corporation (NYSE) Oil    
XTO XTO Energy Inc (NYSE) Oil    
CREE Cree Inc (NASDAQ GS)  Bright LED Manufacturer    



Beyond ethanol
Commentary: Energy markets are forcing shift to alternative fuels
By Kevin Kerr, MarketWatch
Last Update: 12:01 PM ET Oct 1, 2007

The people of Estonia, like the Ukraine and the other Baltic nations are basically 100% dependent on oil imports, especially heating fuels like natural gas and heating oil from Russia.

What does all this have to do with your equities portfolio? Plenty.
Because with oil prices at $80 plus per barrel, Americans are being forced to begin to look at alternatives, as they have to here. And these will not be just the fanciful quick fix of ethanol either. Other more serious long-term solutions will be needed -- everything from solar and nuclear power to biofuel and geothermal energy.
Global demand for oil is increasing exponentially and supplies are dwindling, and whether you subscribe to the "Peak Oil" theory or not, the bottom line is that the cheap and easy-to-get-to energy is gone or going fast.
So, if our analysis is right and skyrocketing oil prices are foreshadowing even more pain for consumers, then a real search for alternatives will be at hand.
The novelty of corn based ethanol is already wearing off and the reality is that existing alternatives like nuclear, solar, wind, geothermal and others are likely to make more sense for consumers and investors.
If investors are willing to stomach some risk, investing in February Heating Oil (HOG8) and January Natural Gas (NGF8) Futures and options are the most direct way to play this shift in the near term.
In the nuclear sector the best way to play it is with uranium stocks. This has been a very volatile market in 2007 and at the moment it has conveniently pulled back from its highs. There are several smaller names in this sector, but I think it's better to stick with the bigger ones. For example: Cameco (CCJ:
Cameco Corporation

CCJ 45.22, -3.83, -7.8%) and Frontier Development (FRG:

fronteer dev group inc com
 Last: 12.67+0.12+0.96%
4:00pm 11/01/2007
Delayed quote data
Sponsored by:

FRG 12.67, +0.12, +1.0%) . (Full disclosure: I own shares of Frontier.)

In the solar sector, Evergreen Solar (ESLR:
evergreen solar inc com
 Last: 11.09-0.47-4.07%
4:00pm 11/01/2007
Delayed quote data
Sponsored by:

ESLR 11.09, -0.47, -4.1%) as well as some names in China look very interesting. But be prepared for a bumpy ride.

In my opinion, forget about corn-based ethanol. That train has left the station.
The focus is now likely to shift to biofuel and bioheat. Some of the interesting names in this sector are biggies like Archer Daniels Midland (ADM:
Archer Daniels Midland Company
 Last: 35.00-0.78-2.18%
4:03pm 11/01/2007
Delayed quote data
Sponsored by:

ADM 35.00, -0.78, -2.2%) and ConAgra (CAG:







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