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About Me

My name is Levon. I live in Washington state, USA. I came to United States in 1991 from Armenia ().

About This Website

The site was created in 2001. The objective was to create a website that includes most frequently visited links for me, for my friends and for new visitors as well. Please feel free to make this page as your home page. If there is a good website that is worth listing please send me an email at with your request. I will consider including it in my website.

The site contains multiple pages. There are pages with news websites from US, UK and Russia. There are also shopping sites that list good deals. I included some web based emails. The page also lists multiple search engines as well as other search websites with specific search criteria (see the Resource Page).

There are several TV and Radio link websites. They allow to get TV and Radio programs directly from many countries worldwide. If you are connected to internet with high speed connection then the picture and sound quality is much better.


There are also PC related links as well as Healthcare, Finance and other.

Please forward this website to your friends and relatives, if this can be of their interest.

I update my website frequently, so please stop by to find more interesting links! *

The website gets several thousand hits every month!

Thanks for visiting!

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* Please note that I am not responsible for the content of websites that my links are pointing to. If you have questions please contact their webmasters.








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